Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Blisters It Is

I haven't had any blisters in awhile. It was definitely time to end that.

Why did I get blisters if I have the same sneakers, I didn't run very hard, and my socks were dry?

I couldn't figure it out right away, but after some thought, I realise that I was holding my arms a little out from my side and higher than normal. If I did that, I may have altered my turnover and strike.

Did I mention that I put 10 pounds on during the holidays and I still haven't lost it? Yeah. That sucks still.

Well, I ran about 5 miles. I cut it short by about a quarter mile, though, because my feet were just killing me. I tried at different points to use a heel strike while lowering my center of gravity and raising my thighs on beginning of my stride. That helped while I could, but that was really hard to keep up.

That was Monday PM. Great to get out. This is such a great time in Orlando. It must have been around 70 degrees.

Tonight, the blisters won before I got out the gate. I went to the gym and logged 15 minutes on a bike. Added 3 sets each on the biceps, pecs, and abs and jumped back on the FlyScooter and headed home.

My abs are going to hurt tomorrow. Can't wait.

Oh yeah, my gym - Metro 24/7 Fitness in downtown Orlando is starting a runners group. They will be every Tuesday at 6AM starting February 3rd. I signed up. I don't know about the AM part, but I'll give it a shot.

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