Friday, December 24, 2010

Fast 300's on Thursday and Christmas Eve Jog

Thursday Night Group Run

We didn't have a big turnout.  Holidays and cold I presume, but there was enough to get a good workout.  I got to the track a few minutes early, but not early enough to get a mile in before 6 when practice starts.  It's my fault, because I started driving to our Tuesday practice spot.  Stupid me.

So I did a mile warmup jog with the group.  We stretched and I had to retie my shoes, so I only 2 x 100 striders instead of the usual 4x.  Since our workout was doing 300's, Murph gave me a nice suggestion before we got started, "Doug, take it easy and try not to pull your hamstring this time."

Thanks, Mike.  Good idea.

The Speed:  3 sets of 4 reps.  Each rep is 300 at mile pace.  100 recovery and 3 minute rests between sets.

I kept up with the group and even finished in the middle of the pack through the first set.  We were running in the 1:01 to 1:05 range.  My best mile time was 6:07, so that's a 1:08.  That average of 1:03 is a 5:37 mile.  That's well ahead of my time.  It may not seem like much of a difference, but it takes its toll on your legs and lungs.

I stayed with the group for the first 2 reps of the 2nd set and then I started laboring.  I fell behind and started the 3rd and 4th reps after the group.  I took my 3 minute rest like everyone else, so I actually started the last set as Murph was finishing his first rep.  I didn't have a watch, so I figured that had to be around a minute.  I started cramping in my right side half way through the 1st rep.  I ran behind on the 2nd rep and just hunched over trying to catch my breath.  I took my time getting back to the line and ran that one with the group as it was their 4th and final rep.  I hunched over again in pain from the cramp and walked back to the start instead of jogging.  I could have quit and rested with the group, but I wanted to know that I finished the workout.  It was on my time, but I finished.  I ran that last one hard and it felt like I did around 5:05.  That hurt, but more in my lungs and legs this time.

By the time I got around the track, the rest of the guys were starting their cooldown.  I just hopped right in and went with them.  I was tired, so I cut the route short with Joel since he said his calves were all knotted up.  Worked for me.  I wanted to start stretching and get out of the cold anyway.

Good Workout.

So Christmas Eve is here and I wanted to get a jump on my New Year's Resolution.  I thought I could have been there already, but it is taking longer and will take more devotion including a change in my nutrition to reach my goal.  Break 20:00 in a 5k.

I planned on running 5 miles this afternoon while it was warm.  Less than 24 hours after finishing a speed workout probably wasn't a great idea, but I was determined.  Determined to put my body through more pain.

I jogged 2.5 miles.  My right calf hurt from about a mile.  As I continued, the pain spread down my tendon and into the arch of my foot.  A little further and the pain started going up my leg from my inner thigh by my knee up and across to my posterior hip and into my buttocks.  I think the thigh pain was my Sartorius (part of the quadriceps group).  My workout was done and I never ran faster than a warmup pace.

Shortly after finishing, there was no pain in either leg, so running easy was a good idea this day.  Never would have thought it by the pain in my leg during the run, though.

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The Green Girl said...

I'm glad you were able to get a good workout in! Yeay!