Friday, December 31, 2010

Calf Pain - Second Time This Week

I have to start off by saying that I got just over half way through Tuesday's track workout and my left calf got a jolt of pain in the middle from the point where the muscle is connecting to the tendon and then up through the muscle.  I couldn't tell anything was wrong if I took small, easy strides or if I was walking.  There was the sharp pain whenever I pushed off though, which totally ruined my speed workout.

Thursday's workout was supposed to be 2 minutes at 5k race pace alternating with 1 minute jogging for 30 minutes.  I got through the warmup jog and the usual striders with no pain.  That was a good sign, so started off OK.  I ran at my 5k race pace for 2 minutes, did my 1 minute jog and about half way through the second speed portion, my calf muscle got that jolt of pain.

I just started and really didn't want to give up on the workout.  I stood in place pacing in a circle getting upset.  I turned it around in my head and tried to figure out how I could possibly still get my workout completed.

I started running with an almost back and forth swaying motion of my legs without bending my knees much and keeping my toes pointed upward as much as possible.  I kept my body closer to the ground and it really stressed my thighs and buttocks more.  It worked though.  No pain.  In my mind, I was running kinda like this...

What started out as a good 5k workout turned into a 39 minute run covering 4.25 miles.  That's 9:11 pace.  Not exactly keeping me on pace to break 20 minutes on a 5k anytime soon.

I have put on a few pounds since Thanksgiving, pulling my hamstring, and not riding my bicycle to work in over a month.  I have to get back to riding my bike, cross training, and maybe it's time for a new pair of running shoes.  Hello 2011!!!

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cathysrunning said...

Wow, good way to work through the pain - funny video. Good luck on making that 5k in 20:00 - that really impresses me!
Happy New Year!