Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finished a Workout!!!

Tuesday's workout?  5 x 1k @ 5k race pace with 2:15 recoveries.  My goal 5k is about 22:30 right now, so my goal 1k pace is 4:30.

I knew the first one was going to be a little fast by the time I hit 200m, but I didn't want to drop off too much just to make pace.  I ran it in 4:09.  21 seconds fast.  The second kilo was a little easier, because my legs were warm and I did that in the same time - 4:09.  Those were 6:40 mile pace.  I ran the third rep in 4:11 and the fourth in 4:12.  I was starting to get winded in the last 400m and my arms were getting heavy.

This is where I have been giving up in all the workouts since I got a sick a few weeks ago.  I have been dropping out on the last rep or set of each workout.  I was tired, but I finally had enough in the tank to keep going.

After the first 400, my legs felt like I had cement in my sneakers.  My time was still on pace, but it was harder to keep it up.  When I wanted to just stop, I kept thinking about my form and that got me through it.  I ran the last one in 4:19.  That was too much of a dropoff, but all of my reps were faster than my goal pace.  Even on the last one, my mile pace was 6:56.

If I could string those together, my 5k time would be exactly 21 minutes.  All things considered, I should now be able to beat my last 5k time of 23:07.  I am probably ready to run another 5k, but I am keeping my goal for October 9th at the Greater Maitland 5k.


The Green Girl said...

Ooh, good luck at the Greater Maitland 5k!

Johann said...

Great workout! You'll get there and certainly run a new PR.

Andrew Opala said...

I love the time Doug. How tall are you and what is your stride length?

You are generating a lot of power!

Doug said...

Hey Andrew,

I am 5'9", but I am not sure what my stride length is right now. Maybe I will run in sand at different speeds and measure it in the near future. That would give me a good idea if my stride changes much dependent upon my speed or if it completely relevant to my turnover rate.