Saturday, October 23, 2010

Group Fartlek Workout

I had problems with my bicycle on my way to practice, so I arrived late and didn't get a full warmup. I ran about half a mile warmup and missed the beginning of the actual workout. I had to just warmup as I went and jump in.

I didn't know exactly what course we were doing.  Our coach was running with us and when he passed me, he said to just do some quick 10 second sprints in the middle of my warmup jog and catch up to someone that would be running my speed.

That worked and I only missed a small portion of the workout.  The workout is below and the rest of the group ran 4 x 2 minutes in the first set.

Fartlek Workout:

2 x 2 minutes @ 5k pace; 1 minute recovery jog
4 x 1 minute @ mile pace; 1 minute recovery jog
4 x 45 sec @ full tilt; 1 minute recovery jog

I didn't quite cover the entire distance of the loop during the fartlek, so I finished up with a steady pace.  I was partnered up with someone the whole workout until this last segment.  He wanted to start at our jog speed and gradually increase the pace going back to the starting point of the loop.  I got about half way and couldn't keep up.  I stayed at a consistent pace and he slowly kept pulling away.

It is the first workout in awhile that my legs didn't actually hurt at the end.  I don't know what the difference was, though.

Total mileage:  4.35 miles


Erika said...

Sounds like a good workout! I've never been great at the speed workouts!

mjcaron said...

I love it when I complete a track w/out and feel like I could do more.

Andrew Opala said...

speed workouts are SO ... MUCH ... FUN !!!!