Monday, May 10, 2010

Quadriceps Tendon Pain

I got up pre-dawn and headed out for a morning run, which is becoming essential.  The morning part that is... since we are regularly seeing temperatures in the 90's during the day in Central Florida.

So I do my usual 2.5 mile loop.  I ran it twice and then wanted to add another half mile up to the convenience store and back.  I started slow to let all the parts get warm and loose.  That worked out great.  I didn't pick up my pace until about 1.5 miles.  I then kept a fairly consistent pace (about 8:20/8:30) until about the end of mile 5.

That's when I started to open my stride to pick up the pace, but as I got into it, I started to overstride on the front side.  All it took was one misstep and pain shot up from the top of my knee (Patella) to a few inches into my quad.  I'm pretty sure is the the Rectus Femoris, but the accompanying quad tendon is where the pain originated.

I immediately stopped.  Walking didn't hurt, so I tried jogging gingerly like at the beginning of my warmups.  No pain there.  As soon as I tried to get back to my workout pace, the pain shot up from the top of my knee again.  Ouch!  Again, I stopped and very slow jogging seemed fine.  I continued down the road to the convenience store at my turtle pace and just treated it as a cooldown.

I will probably take off tomorrow and see if a little rest helps.

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