Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feeling Good

I was pressed for time Friday afternoon, but I really wanted to squeeze in a run. I started off slow like I normally do, except the time factor crept into my mind after about 100 yards. I usually don't get up to speed until I am at least 1 mile into my run.

I just took off like I used to... back in my school days. I didn't think about my breathing, my legs being stiff, or my pace. I got about half a mile and had to slow down. My breathing couldn't keep up with the oxygen demand created by my legs. I took it slow for about 100 yards, but never stopped. I took off again for another half mile until I got slight cramps in my mid back on each side. Right around my kidneys, but figure it had to be muscle since it seemed to stop as soon as I slowed down and stretched my arms out in each direction. Still didn't stop. Slowed down, but didn't stop. Again, I did this for about 100 yards. I took off and got the cramps again, but more intense this time. I still got my half mile in, but had to slow down to a turtle's pace for 100 yards. Started to fly once more, but this time the cramps got the best of me after about a quarter mile.

I slowed down and jogged a little over a quarter mile and then walked in the last quarter. I did the whole 2.5 miles in 23 minutes. It doesn't reflect how fast I was going when I was running my fastest, but I felt so good. I felt free. Unconfined by pace. It was like a fartlek workout even though I didn't have it mind when I set out on my run.

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