Thursday, March 19, 2009

5 Miles - Cool Night Run - Very Sore Afterward

Started at 8:40pm. It was cool... around 68 degrees and a little humid. Started off slow using heel strike form until my knees and thighs were warmed up. That took about a mile. Then, I switched to ball strike and I felt more at ease and got into a groove.

I coasted through 4 miles and then everything started to fall apart. I got tired. Kept having to remind myself to keep my arms pumping and I was losing stride length and turnover speed. The last mile was hard to eek out. Both calves started to tighten up and I got a cramp under my right ribs in the last half mile.

I pushed through it and completed at 9:24pm. 5 miles in 44 minutes. That's a pace of 8:48 and I know I started slow and ended slow, so I must have been running in the mid 7's for a couple miles in the middle of my run.

It is now 2 hours since I completed the run and my calves are tight and my feet are very sore. Need to log more miles per week.

Somehow, I am not as sore when I run in the morning vs. running at night or in the afternoons. I wonder if it is related to getting the lactic acid moving through my body during the day while I'm working.

Does anyone notice that they are more sore after evening runs versus morning runs?

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