Wednesday, March 30, 2011

800 Repeats, Pain in my Knee, and Why so much food?

What kind of things do I need to remember about today?

Pain in my right knee for most of the workout and definitely after the workout.  Talked to Mike since he came from a cycling background.  I told him that the knee pain only started once I got back on my bike regularly.  He said that it is possible that my saddle may be too low.  He said that my knee should only be slightly bent.  Not straight and fully extended, either.  I will have to check on this and make an adjustment if necessary.

Cliche:  Pain is temporary.  Pride is forever.  Gotta remember this when my legs feel heavy, there's a sidesticker making it hard to breath, my head feels like it is going to pop, and my arms are tingling.  I gave up on my last repeat tonight.  I was hurting, but was there more?  There's always more.  Always.  Unless you're on the floor.

Don't let the King be the Winner!  I went to Burger King an hour post workout.  I ordered and devoured

a BK Double Stacker (I love the sauce they use),
small french fries,

small Coke,

and the clincher... a BK Fish sandwich.

Did I really need the fish sandwich, too?  The King made me do it.  I will be stronger next time.  Approximately 1900 calories.  BMI just went up 1pt.  I can feel it.  This is gonna need some extra laps on the next workout.

And the workout...

3 laps around the track on my own (.75 mile)
1 mile loop around the neighborhood
Stretching and then 4 x 100 striders

6 x 800 repeats @ 4-7 seconds faster than 5k goal pace (3:20-3:25)
I ran 3:19, 3:20, 3:19, 3:26 (missed by 1 second), 3:21, 3:44 (refer to 2nd paragraph above ^ beginning with Cliche.)

Did some breathing exercises and slow stretching at home a few hours after the workout.


runnergirl training said...

Good workouts! Don't beat yourself up too much about the calories. Your body needed fuel! Think about how many calories you burned off in the workouts! :) I have a blog post for adjusting a bike. Maybe it'll help ->

Tri-James said...

Did you need the fish sandwich? Did you need any of that? You are asking your body to perform - give it the fuel that it needs.

Anyway, regarding pain, if it is on both sides it is training - one side you are flirting with injury. Be careful.

Bob said...

One word. "Spaghetti" No sauce just parmesan cheese. Don't have any more fast food till you break the 20 min. mark. You can do it!

shannon said...

Enjoy your post workout meal! I often have donuts, not one but many, after my runs (not just long runs, but all of my runs). There has to be a tasty incentive to training hard, right?! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

First time stopping by, thanks for stopping at mine

I am a biker as well, I also think it has to do with the fit of your bike.

Fifty K said...

Just found your blog. The whole fast food thing right after a good work out sounds like something I would totally do. Ehh you earned it right? Enjoy!

Doug said...

runnergirl training, thanks for the link. That is helpful. I hope it will help. It's been nonstop raining in Orlando for a few days, so I hope to work on my bike this weekend.

I usually don't regret eating, but my GF is taking a nutrition class right now and we looked up our food on the nutrition chart immediately after eating our food at Burger King. Next time, I will look at the chart before ordering dinner.

Crazy J said...

I'm 30 years old myself. Looking at your PRs, I have no doubt that you can get back well under 20 if you continue to train consistently. Thanks for following my blog and good luck to you.

Nelly said...

I agree with Tri-James and Bob, haha

One thing about track work - if the pain is always one side, it might be due to always going the same direction around the track. This is something that I'm always afraid of with track work - maybe you can run the workouts the opposite way around the track some days.

And yea, your All time PRs are really fast, I have no doubt you'll definitely get down to a below 20 minute 5K - if you are fully dedicated with a full training plan I could see you getting around 18 minutes or something...thanks for following my blog!

Anonymous said...

Food is good. It doesn't matter if its BK or not. Most great runners (back in the day) subsisted entirely on beer and pizza. Go figure.

Nej said...

First time checking in! :-)

I can't comment on the number of calories you ate at BK. I swore off fast food a long time ago....but me eating 1900 calories in pasta, bread and wine probably wouldn't be a huge stretch. :-)

Coy Martinez said...

Check out those pictures!!!! Wow!! That stuff looks amazing! I'm a french fry kinda girl post workout!

The Green Girl said...